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The NLWA ( North London Waste Association) want to develop a ‘waste management facility ’ on the land adjacent to Sydney Road, Muswell Hill Golf Club and Hollickwood Park - with access from the slip roads between Colney Hatch and Bounds Green off the N CircularA406  (Pinkham Way).

Barnet Council wish to also use a portion of this site as a depot to store and service their refuse trucks.

For those lucky enough to receive notification of the pre-application exhibitions held in February 2011, this site is rather disingenuously described as the former Friern Barnet sewage works (they were closed in 1963) and the waste plant and depot will be referred to as the Eco Park at Pinkham Way

PINKHAMWASTE ! has been launched primarily by those who have concerns about the proximity of such a facility in the middle of suburbia.

This website is not a blogspot

The paucity of information, particularly for those living adjacent to the planned waste depot has prompted a need for more informed and cohesive communication.

It is imperative that Residents' feedback is timely and focussed.

Andrew Lappage of the NLWA advised, on the 18th Feb 2011, that, in response to a Freedom of Information Request, ' Once NLWA and Barnet's joint planning application has been submitted to Haringey Council, Haringey will run its own public consultation process through which local people can make further representations before Haringey makes its decision as the local planning authority about the proposed development'

PINKHAMWASTE ! is providing, an on line 'e' petition to Haringey Council - planning permission is theirs to withold - and the response will be transparent to all. Please click here to sign up and object :


Information at PINKHAMWASTE ! has come from a multitude of reliable sources including representatives of the NLWA. Whilst every effort has been made to check all published information, any errors or ommissions should be advised to us immediately at:


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